Fenton Builders, Inc. is a small and growing contracting business in Ellsworth, Maine, located in the heart of the coastal, downeast region. Owned and operated by a father and son team, we are two master carpenters. We build custom homes, decks, garages, and new structures, as well as performing renovations and vinyl siding. Our specialty is in the building of custom homes whether we stick build or use Insulated Concrete Forms (“ICF”). ICF is the latest in ‘Green’ construction. ICF buildings save their owners 50% or more over the cost of heating traditionally-insulated structures. We can also build your foundation walls from ICF. For further information on ICF, please visit NewFormBuilding.com and the ICF Association.

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About Us


Fenton Builders, Inc. was started by father Bill Fenton (right) and his son, Dan (left). Bill and Dan came to building through different paths, Bill through building several of his own homes and running several successful businesses and Dan through becoming a builder at an early age with an eye for design and obsessive attention to detail.  When they decided to team up in 2002 to start Fenton Builders, they  knew they had the talent, expertise and drive to create a well rounded company. One project turned into another, and another … and then word of mouth took over. Our reputation spoke for itself. The rest, as they say, is history!

Today, they work with a number of electrical and plumbing contractors, sheetrock workers, and ground work / foundation contractors to get the entire project completed for their clients. In addition to the construction of the overall structure, the Fentons lay the hardwood floors and tiles themselves.


“In 2005 Fenton Builders completed a major renovation of our cabin in Maine. The project actually was nearly a total reconstruction, involving an architect, county building regulation authorities and ourselves. Much of the planning, discussion and paper process was done by phone and email, with only a few on-site visits. In all cases, they were accessible, responsive and easy to interact with. They readily addressed our concerns, answered our questions and generally kept us up-to-date on the progress. Any problems or issues that we had were discussed and dealt with to our satisfaction.”

“Prior to selecting a builder, we had talked with relatives and friends in the area about who they had hired to do work for them and had formed a list of “good” and “not so good” sub-contractors. In the process of talking with Fenton Builders, we learned that none of the sub-contractors he used were on the “not so good” list. Because we were still working on second shift hours in Michigan, it was not uncommon for me to send Bill an e-mail at midnight or 1 am and find a response from Bill the next morning with time stamp of 5 or 6 am. Bill did a great job of keeping us informed on the progress of the construction of the house through a series of e-mails (with photos) and phone calls. In short, we would select Fenton Builders (and subs) again to work on future projects because they 1) are willing to make and listen to suggestions 2) are not “Yes” men 3) are quick to respond and resolve problems and 4) produce a quality product within budget.”

“It was a major re-doing of the entire interior and key parts of the exterior of the cabin. He also added a wing onto the house (it became a house instead of a cabin), which he designed and built himself. There were many aesthetic and structural decisions to be made. These were often in direct conflict with each other. Bill and Dan proved themselves to be resourceful and inventive as well as tactical and skilled when it came to solving all sizes of problems. I found them to be organized and hard working. They also brought in excellent people to do the electrical, plumbing and tiling work. It was completed in a timely and economical fashions and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

“We can honestly say that Fenton Builders stands behind their work. When we had issues with our well pump over one year after construction completed and outside of the warranty period, Bill took our call early on a Saturday morning and immediately started lining up the resources needed to get it fixed. Our home has brought us a tremendous amount of peace and happiness and we are grateful to Fenton Builders for helping us realize our dream. We continue to maintain a relationship with Fenton Builders and will call on them for any of our future construction needs. If you are looking for a builder that you can trust, that is serious about quality and will handle all aspects of your project then search no further. We would be more than happy to speak with anyone who may be considering hiring Fenton Builders.”

“It was reassuring to know that even though I could not be on the job site every day, Fenton Builders would not compromise when it came to the quality of work they provided. It is nice dealing with builders who truly take pride in their work.”

“Then there is the quality of the construction. In a word, excellent! We’ve had experience with a variety of construction, having made a large addition to a previous house and building our current house, so we’ve seen a variety of workmanship. Fenton Builders definitely excel in the quality of their work. It is properly done, innovative when necessary and perhaps most importantly pleasing to look at. The interior was vertical tongue and grove lumber. It was installed so that the vertical lines continued up the walls two stories and matched with the vertical pieces of the ceiling — something we just wouldn’t have thought to do. The lumber was finished with a semi-transparent white wash and the effect is quite stunning. They provided not only the construction but also the electrical and plumbing, done efficiently and correctly. We think the plumbing system is unique and in fact is so esthetically pleasing that it is the first thing we show visitors.”

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Complete Project Gallery

This gallery displays some of our projects to give you an idea of all the possibilities there are when remodeling or designing your dream home.  We do ICF (insulated concrete forms) for energy efficiency, and we also do traditional stick building.  We assist home owners in design and we can general contract all of the subs (plumbers, electricians, ground work, tile and flooring and more) so you get one point of contact for the entire project.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the subcontractors we work with.  We have helped home owners problem solve from beginning to end: whether it’s figuring out a tricky architectural design you envision or picking out just the right flooring we can help you turn your dreams into reality.

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