About Us


Fenton Builders, Inc. was started by father Bill Fenton (right) and his son, Dan (left). Bill and Dan came to building through different paths, Bill through building several of his own homes and running several successful businesses and Dan through becoming a builder at an early age with an eye for design and obsessive attention to detail.  When they decided to team up in 2002 to start Fenton Builders, they  knew they had the talent, expertise and drive to create a well rounded company. One project turned into another, and another … and then word of mouth took over. Our reputation spoke for itself. The rest, as they say, is history!

Today, they work with a number of electrical and plumbing contractors, sheetrock workers, and ground work / foundation contractors to get the entire project completed for their clients. In addition to the construction of the overall structure, the Fentons lay the hardwood floors and tiles themselves.